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Re: No Plans for North American Fusion Wagon, Hatch

Originally Posted by SierraGS View Post
Ford is missing an opportunity here to add sales to the Fusion line.

VW is talking about a Passat AllTrack (i.e. Subaru Outback) and Ford could offer something similar except with better styling. Young buyers are not really going to want SUV's and Crossovers as much as many may think since they grew up in them and are "Mommy's Car"; a lifted AWD Fusion Wagon would get better MPG with most of the utility and could attract young buyers looking for something different and help Ford's CAFE numbers as well.

Don't get me wrong, CUV's and Crossovers will continue sell well, but Subaru does sell over 100,000 Outbacks a year in the U.S. alone, not bad numbers and sure they have good margins.
good to see you here again, Sierra
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your lifted Awd Fusion wagon reminds of my Milan-CX

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