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BIAS 2012: Honda Concept S

New Honda Odyssey previewed by Honda Concept S
By Tim Beissmann
April 23rd, 2012
Car Advice

The Honda Concept S unveiled at today’s Beijing motor show previews the design of the next-generation Honda Odyssey.

Honda describes the Concept S as a “global concept model of a new-value passenger mover”.

Developed primarily for the booming Chinese market, the production version of the Concept S will initially go on sale in its domestic market through Dongfeng Honda before it is released globally.

The Concept S is expected to influence the design of the fifth-generation ‘international’ Honda Odyssey, which is sold in markets outside North America, including Australia. (The US and Canada get their own larger Odyssey.)

The current fourth-generation Odyssey has been in production since 2008, although it shares it underpinnings, powertrains and basic design with the third-gen model that launched in 2003, making it due for a replacement.

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