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Re: Ford on Flexibility - IndustryWeek

^ eye-opener imho

I've 'always' wondered why Fomoco plants never seemed anywhere near as "flexible" as the definition I learned from articles about the imports*.

From what I read-into this article, it's because Fomoco doesn't mean the same thing AT ALL when it says "flexible" ... let me know if you agree:

AFAIK, what Fomoco means is that they will be able to change the plant over to a new model fairly** quickly
(and some other quick-change stuff***)
NOT that different platforms will be concurrently run down the same assembly line*.

** "re-tooling" in weeks instead of a year or large fraction of a year
*** ie the EXISTING drivetrains %'s, the EXISTING models %'s

edit crossreference
I really wonder if the new Thai plant will JUST be "flexible" on One platform at a time
be able to handle more than one platform CONCURRENTLY?

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