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Re: Ford Falcon Ecoboost 4cyl Launch Review

Originally Posted by asrapid View Post
Is there any plans from Ford to update this 2.0 l engine??
I mean it posses most of technology availabe for today modern engine (turbocharger, TI vct, direct injection etc.) and most it can get is 250 HP(focus ST). Ok that is not bad but there is Cadillac's engine coming with 2.0 l and around 280 hp (ATS) and hyundai 2.0 l T with around 270-280 hp.
I think i've read some rumors that new gen. of Focus RS will get I4 turbocharger with around 350 HP...I can't remember was it 2.0 l displacement or more??
there've been rumors for some time about a 2.3/2.5 4cyl,
which imho could easily produce at least 325hp**...
...lately I've been speculating that a new 2.0 could also be based on the newer architecture,
which could produce the 280hp that the current version doesn't seem capable of (imho).

Less speculative is the idea that the new architecture will include 'in-head' exhaust plumbing, like the "powerhouse" 1.0 liter 3cyl.

** for the Focus RS and (imho) many other & larger vehicles - up to a Flex and maybe even an F-150/F-100

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