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Re: Lincoln Tenatively Planning Rear-Drive Coupe

Originally Posted by ausrutherford View Post
There is one thing to keep clear. This is less set in stone then most products under development in the Ford umbrella for Lincoln has been given a “last chance” in the 2013 MkZ and/or 2014 “MkD” (if they end up calling the compact CUV that name). If one or both of these products fail on the marketplace, the mothership could pull the plug on the company Henry bought for revenge.

If all goes according to plan with successful launches of those two essential products, the Mustang-based coupe will commence in late 2015. As always with future product talk, the actual date of introduction will likely vary due to development. Assuming things stay relatively close, we expect this car to be a 2016 or 2017 model.
This doesn't really give the public a warm feeling about the brand's future!

This would be like a vampire hunter telling the townfolk that they'll start using stronger garlic, and if that fails, they'll skip town. If it works, then in a few years they'll consider making some stakes and go searching for coffins.

The early bird gets the worm..but the second mouse gets the cheese.
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