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Re: Lincoln Tenatively Planning Rear-Drive Coupe

I don't know what you've heard-or-seen that I haven't, ausrutherford
but not sure I agree with a number of details...

First-&-mainly, I consider a LincStang to have been all but announced for some time
ref: LincStang: the Beginning thread
& Highest-Volume Lux Segments thread
(I *do* agree with your 2nd-half-2015cy timeframe)

Second, tho I could of course be wrong, I don't take seriously the talk about FoMoCo having a strict sales-threshold for killing off Lincoln - esp if that threshold isn't reached before Mr. Mulally retires = I don't believe his successor (whoever!) will be willing to "go it alone" with just the Ford Brand.
...maaaaybe be Nruggiero's Continental Brand, or even a Ford-Continental, could replace Lincoln; but that's mostly semantics keeping a Lux lineup by whatever name.

3. I really hope all those talking about a "new MKS" in the near future are wrong!
(I hope for the 'E386', the MKS's long-hiatus'ed bigbrother to fill the hole left by the TownCar and misguided production-MKT)
after the new Navigator's introduction, and most likely imho After the LincStang debuts;
an ALL-new, global-sized, 200"ovl, RWD Continental will replace the MKS.
My main qualm is whether the current MKS will get a much-needed sheetmetal MCE before getting replaced...2017my/cy?
ref: RWD Flagship
Scott Tobin in the Highest-Volume thread
But do the brand's self-imposed limitations really suggest its stewards have no interest in a halo car.
"I don't think it says that," says Lincoln product development chief Scott Tobin.
"The segments are fundamentally the small, and medium premium utilities, the D-segment, and the C or C-D (sedans)," he said.
And that D-segment (Taurus-sized) car can be a full-fledged halo car, he says.
source article

another question (for me) is when the MKX/Edge move to the new CD4.2 platform?
(& again) IF they'll receive an MCE before that?

interesting inferences...
Could a 2.9 Nano be RWD (mainly/only?) while a 2.7 Nano would be F-Awd?
I'm very curious about what Lincoln's SMALLEST petrol engine will be by the end of the decade - I'm thinking it needs to be 4cyl (not 3)

minor point: at a company meeting not long ago, Ford execs referred to the 'MKuga' as the "MKC"
so imho that 'name' is all-but-announced too (darn it)

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