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Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
I don't know what you've heard-or-seen that I haven't, ausrutherford
but not sure I agree with a number of details...

First-&-mainly, I consider a LincStang to have been all but announced for some time
ref: LincStang: the Beginning thread
& Highest-Volume Lux Segments thread
(I *do* agree with your 2nd-half-2015cy timeframe)

Second, tho I could of course be wrong, I don't take seriously the talk about FoMoCo having a strict sales-threshold for killing off Lincoln - esp if that threshold isn't reached before Mr. Mulally retires = I don't believe his successor (whoever!) will be willing to "go it alone" with just the Ford Brand.
...maaaaybe be Nruggiero's Continental Brand, or even a Ford-Continental, could replace Lincoln; but that's mostly semantics keeping a Lux lineup by whatever name.

3. I really hope all those talking about a "new MKS" in the near future are wrong!
(I hope for the 'E386', the MKS's long-hiatus'ed bigbrother to fill the hole left by the TownCar and misguided production-MKT)
after the new Navigator's introduction, and most likely imho After the LincStang debuts;
an ALL-new, global-sized, 200"ovl, RWD Continental will replace the MKS.
My main qualm is whether the current MKS will get a much-needed sheetmetal MCE before getting replaced...2017my/cy?
ref: RWD Flagship
Scott Tobin in the Highest-Volume thread
But do the brand's self-imposed limitations really suggest its stewards have no interest in a halo car.
"I don't think it says that," says Lincoln product development chief Scott Tobin.
"The segments are fundamentally the small, and medium premium utilities, the D-segment, and the C or C-D (sedans)," he said.
And that D-segment (Taurus-sized) car can be a full-fledged halo car, he says.
source article

another question (for me) is when the MKX/Edge move to the new CD4.2 platform?
(& again) IF they'll receive an MCE before that?

interesting inferences...
Could a 2.9 Nano be RWD (mainly/only?) while a 2.7 Nano would be F-Awd?
I'm very curious about what Lincoln's SMALLEST petrol engine will be by the end of the decade - I'm thinking it needs to be 4cyl (not 3)

minor point: at a company meeting not long ago, Ford execs referred to the 'MKuga' as the "MKC"
so imho that 'name' is all-but-announced too (darn it)
The Coupe was approved to proceed into development just a few months ago. We were sitting on this story for a couple months waiting for more info and the right time.

I'm sure their no set sales for the MkZ and MkD but there is a return expected. So sales and ATPs will be important there.

The MkS will be on CD4.3 when the all new debuts. How long that platform is? Only Ford knows yet. As mentioned a year ago, the full size flagship is still just a consideration and if approved would probably be much later in the decade.

As of now, I believe the 2.9 will only be for Lincoln while Ford will keep the 2.7 for itself from the mustang to F-150.

I'm going with "MkD" until we hear different from within the company. Fact is there still could be many names up for the vehicle but its the MkD name that was originally attached to the vehicle.

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