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Re: Lincoln Tenatively Planning Rear-Drive Coupe

Originally Posted by ausrutherford View Post
The Coupe was approved to proceed into development just a few months ago. We were sitting on this story for a couple months waiting for more info and the right time...
a "few" months ago OR maybe back in JUNE? like when the LincStang: The Beginning thread started?

for the rest - guess we'll see
the main 2 things I hope to hear about now - from ANYbody, is
1 regarding the "large" sedan Mr. Mullay spoke about for the near future (within 2 years?)
Originally Posted by ausrutherford View Post
...The MkS will be on CD4.3 when the all new debuts...
the last online document I saw sets the CD4+3 Taurus as coming out Q3 2015
ie after Mr. M's (implied) timeframe.
That's a big part of why I'm hoping for the E386/TC-replacement to finally happen!
Originally Posted by ausrutherford View Post
...As of now, I believe the 2.9 will only be for Lincoln while Ford will keep the 2.7 for itself from the mustang to F-150...
2 if Lincoln will get a new, possibly-exclusive engine to replace the 1.6EB 4cyl for base MKC's (and maybe Z's since a smaller gen2-3 EB should nearly equal the power of the current 2.0EB)
I believe future Lincolns really *need* different drivetrains from their closest Ford Brand relatives...

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