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  1. Interfax:Russian Ford workers suspend strike
  2. Ford Europe Says Jan Sales Rose 8%; Market Share Up
  3. Why a Car Guy CEO Isn't the Answer for Ford
  4. Ford fix-it plan off track
  5. Japan: Aisin Seiki to increase hybrid parts supply to Ford
  6. Salesman Mulally to work at Ford dealership
  7. Ford needs deep labor cost cuts amid crisis-analyst
  8. New Mexico Gets Tesla "WhiteStar" Facility -- To Produce An Electric Fusion?
  9. Ford is awash in buyouts
  10. Ford must copy Toyota, which copied Ford
  11. Ford may seek givebacks
  12. Key Ford dealer Group 1 struggles to cut inventory
  13. Edge's road to launch rocky
  14. Ford memo urges execs to be 'supportive'
  15. Ford is in 'great shape,' UAW president contends
  16. Longtime Ford dealership selling Toyotas
  17. Ford's Non-Bankruptcy Bankruptcy
  18. Saving Ford is Fields' job 1
  19. Power Stroke diesel engines Not shipping to Ford
  20. Mulally in Japan
  21. GM, Ford expect lower U.S. sales in February
  22. Ford sees $11.18 billion cost for restructuring
  23. Navistar to resume shipping diesel engines -- Ford
  24. Alan Mulally wants more tech sharing with Toyota
  25. Alan Mulally making friends fast, receives a raise
  26. Autoblog: Ford's cost of recovery: Over $11 Billion for accelerated restructuring
  27. Detroit News Magazine lauds Asian cars
  28. Monday morning good Ford news.
  29. The Car Connection: Ford Needs Global Marketing Chief
  30. Ford May Sell Aston This Week...
  31. Ford Expects European Profit in 2007
  32. Sketching the right approach to design
  33. Much ado: about 'do
  34. The Ford Upgraded at Credit Suisse
  35. $200 million for Ford approved
  36. Businessweek: After Aston, Is jaguar Next?
  37. This week good Ford news.
  38. Ford's comeback effort still sputtering
  39. Bush tours GM, Ford plants, touts alternative fuels
  40. Ford earns poor marks on own internal report card
  41. Ford Earns Era Award For Conserving Energy
  42. Ford extends oil-change timelines
  43. WSJ: Ford to Unveil Flex Crossover, Aims to Redefine Minivan
  44. 7500 Miles Per Oil Change
  45. Detroit News: Stretched thin, Ford shifts focus
  46. AutoNews: Mulally drops by dealership, sells some cars
  47. Help the Fusion!
  48. Ford wants united front
  49. Ford Proof
  51. 2008 Ford Escort
  52. Which car SHOULD Mr. M. drive...
  53. Alan Mulally to shake things up at Ford
  54. This week Ford Top 10
  55. Ford To Build All-new Midsize Car At Hermosillo
  56. Ford Expected to Show Lowest Drop For March Sales
  57. Ford’s New Cars, Crossovers Set Sales Records; New Products Achieving Company’s Sales
  58. Building Products People Want
  59. Mullaly's Pay-Day
  60. Ford's Cutting-edge 'kinetic Design' Styling Will Set Auto Shanghai 2007 In Motion
  61. Ford fight threatens new ambulance supply
  62. Mullaly apologizes...
  63. China Sales Growth @ 16% 1st Q of 2007
  64. Ford wants workers to 'become walking advertisements'
  65. Record March For Ford Uk Sales
  66. Edge: “Quieter than a Lexus” and “Quicker than a BMW”
  67. Mullaly: Not ruling out Sale of Company
  68. The Quality of Ford Vehicles is Improving...Fast
  69. The Quality of Ford Vehicles is Improving...Fast
  70. Ford Quality on Par with Toyota, Nissan
  71. Rent-an-Edge
  72. Ford First Quarter Loss Narrows
  73. Warranty Costs Down
  74. Ford feels heat to refresh lineup
  75. Mulally: 'Results give us a lot of confidence'
  76. Ford Announces Sales Proposal For Automotive Components Holdings Converca Operation
  77. Ford Selling Mexico Power Transfer Unit
  78. GM, Ford May Say Sales Fell Amid Industry Slowdown
  79. Historical Document. Development of the 1949 Ford [VIDEO]
  80. Ford sales plunge in April
  81. Ford Motor Company Reports April U.s. Sales
  82. Navistar slaps Ford with $2 billion lawsuit
  83. FORD OF CANADA TRUCK SALES UP 11% Mazda US Sales Down
  84. Ford To Cut Options and Packages on 2008 Explorer, Mustang and Navigator
  85. Detroit News: Ford family unity tested
  86. Reuters: Ford CEO, battling red tape, red ink, faces investors
  87. 2007 Annual Shareholders Meeting: Mulally upbeat, family stock opposed at meeting.
  88. New 1.6 Turbo >>2008!
  89. Enter the rumormill: Ford Fusion hybrid coming to LA?
  90. CNN: Ford family may give up control
  91. Reuters: Ford family says not discussing sale of holdings
  92. Historical Documents. 1966, 1967 Ford GT 40 Wins at Le Mans [VIDEO]
  93. Ford announces "Syncmyride" Web site
  94. $82.6M Ford Explorer Rollover Award to Be Reconsidered
  95. Detroit News: Workers at Ford's Wixom plant punching out for the last time
  96. BusinessWeek: The New Heat On Ford
  97. Mr. Mulally: Don't Sell Fords, Try To Buy One.
  98. Reuters (via Yahoo! Finance): Ford expects rise in U.S. retail sales in May
  99. Bill Ford Regrets....
  100. Detroir News: Bill Ford: U.S. auto industry 'is in play'
  101. Detroir News: Ford bashes Obama for Big 3 comments
  102. Ford North America Reports May Sales Results
  103. Ford Of Canada Truck Sales Up 25%
  104. Autoblog: Ford increases Edge sales projections to 120k yearly
  105. Good Ford News. 6/6/07 Edition
  106. J.D. Power IQS Study 2007 - Ford RULES!
  107. Navistar sues Ford over F-150 engine contract
  108. Navistar sends diesels to Ford in Avon Lake
  109. Good Ford News. 6/11/07 Edition
  110. Auto News: Ford confirms Jaguar, Land Rover review
  111. Reuters (via Yahoo! Finance): Ford plans to offer more hybrids beyond Escape
  112. New Ford Products Win High Marks in AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards
  113. B-cars from Brazil!
  114. WSJ:PAG Fire Sale Won't Be Quick
  115. Blue Oval News: The Management Myth
  116. Reuters (via Yahoo! Finance): Renault, AB Volvo eyeing Ford's Volvo Cars-paper
  117. Autocosmos: 2009 Fusion/MKZ Shots
  118. The Economist: Mulally's Effort Getting Nowhere
  119. Ford Execs: Restructuring Plan on Pace
  120. Seeking Alpha. Ford's Inventory Mix:What the Heck is a Crossover
  121. Detroit News. Elena got promoted.
  122. AutoNews: Ford, Chrysler Dominate Fleet Market
  123. Reuters via Yahoo: Ford sees strong crossover gains as SUVs decline
  124. Autonews: Ford 2-Turbo Engine Will Save Fuel
  125. Detroit News: Ford fixes flaws little by little
  126. Forget the badge, Ford beats BMW...
  127. Ford Media: 'Top Ten' New Product Features for 2008 from Ford and Lincoln Mercury
  128. Ford Retail Sales 'edge' Higher In June As New, Redesigned Crossovers Soar
  129. AutoblogGreen: Still behind, trying hard: A look into Ford's engine efficiency future
  131. Autoblog: Live from Dearborn: Microsoft and Ford demo Sync
  132. Autocar: Magna considers buying Volvo, Land Rover
  133. Autonews: Ford, Toyota post strong H1 China vehicle sales
  134. Autonews: Ford sees good news in June decline
  135. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Ford's rise no accident
  136. UAW's King Says Union, Ford Can't Afford Strike
  137. CNN/Money: Ford, utility ready to work on plug-in car
  138. Autonews/Autoblog: Sell the F-150 and you may get to sell the Shelby GT500KR
  139. Ford extends end-of-year incentives almost two months
  140. Marketwatch: Ford upgraded to overweight at J.P. Morgan
  141. Automotive News: New Board member At Ford
  142. Redesigning Ford: Freeman Thomas aims to produce another hit
  143. Ford still struggling in midsize sedan segment
  144. Edmunds: GLOBAL RWD!
  145. Detroit News: "Simplicity Is Job One"
  146. 'My Dinner With Alan'
  147. VIDEO: Allan Mullaly addresses Ford Dealer's Forum
  148. Good Ford News. 7/23/2007
  149. After Ten Months On the Job, Mulally’s “One Ford” Becomes Reality (Autosavant)
  150. Breaking FoMoCoNews: Ford #1 in CUV sales
  151. 2nd 1/4 Financial Results...(+)$750million
  152. Turbo Happy Ford (
  153. BusinessWeek: Finally, Good News for Ford
  154. Good Ford News: ‘Top Ten’ Comments On Ford Motor Company’s
  155. Ford Taurus Takes To The Sky With Interactive Tray Table Content
  156. FoMoCo July 07 Sales - UGLY: -19%, Fleet: -57%, Retail: - 17%
  157. Ford to recall 3.6 mln vehicles over switch-NHTSA
  158. Automotive News: Ford Quality Cuts Warranty Costs
  159. Automotive News: Mullaly says profit in '09
  160. Reuters: Ford Got $ 931 Miilion for Aston Martin
  161. Automotive News: Ford open to Outsiders For Technology
  162. Reuters/Yahoo: Ford Jan-July China retail vehicle sales up 29 pc
  163. 09 Fusion / Fusion Hybrid spied
  164. The Quiet Revolution Called Sync -
  165. Autoextremist: Ford, the most forward-thinking car company in the world
  166. Automotive News rates Allan Mulally
  167. Daimler to get its name back in deal with Ford
  168. Ford mulls exporting cars to South America
  169. FORD'S TEST BED: Brazil's Camaçari plant is model for the future
  170. Autoblog:Mulally makes it official: Next Focus and Fusion based on global platforms
  171. Ford to continue without global luxury division
  172. Detroit News: Mulally challenges Ford marketing, vehicle branding
  173. AutoNews: Ford Product Begins To Reflect Mullay's Plan
  174. AutoNewws: Ford's RWD Cars Roll Down "Fleet Street"
  175. AutonNews: Ford Takes On Latest Technology To Woo Buyers:
  176. AutoNews: Fuel Economy Rules Lead To New Powertraiins.
  177. Ford Strategy: Going Global Will Boost Blue Oval Brand
  178. "Ask Alan:"
  179. Ford Mullaly losing Luxury of time
  180. Syncs Up with Microsoft to Smooth the Highway for Digital
  181. Tuxedo Black: One of many new Ford colors
  182. Ford Crossovers Soar In August; Overall Sales Decline
  183. Ford's Car Swap (
  184. Ford May Buy 2 Mode Hybrids From GM
  185. Who wins the Ford Design War? (
  186. Ford Motor Co.’s Management Odd Couple (
  187. Autonews:Ford Dealers Bail Quickly
  188. [Ford] Paint By Number: Top Ten Developments In Ford's Color Palette
  189. Verve, Focus, Kuga Featured At 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show
  190. Jerry Flint "Ford's Dangerous Flight Plan"
  191. Autoblog: Ford might increase cuts in slow economy
  192. Detroit News:"Health deal could aid Ford most"
  193. Forbes:"Ford's Proving Ground"
  194. Daily Focus Drives Quality interiors
  195. PReVENT: Intelligent Active Safety System
  196. Ford To Make Hd Digital Radio Available Across Nearly All Product Lines
  197. 2008 Escape Hybrid - The President's Choice
  198. Engines for the US, maybe
  199. Detroit News:Ford may seek deeper cost cuts
  200. Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Ford Ready to Purr
  201. Ford Crossovers Soar Again In September; Overall Monthly Vehicle Sales Decline
  202. Predicting 2009 Ford F-150 (
  203. Ford is biggest spender on R&D off the Auto business
  204. Ford SYNC Receives Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award
  205. Auto News: Toyota’s Farley jumps to Ford to head marketing
  206. Fo Mo Co Quality Climbs Again
  207. 2007 Ford Warriors In Pink Initiatives
  208. Ford dangles bonuses to UAW by company performance
  209. Commentary From AutoNews on Ford's Hiring of Jim Farley
  210. AP: Ford: Parts to Fix Recalled Cars Delayed
  211. Retired Vice Chairman Wayne Booker Dies
  212. Saving some Ford factories on table
  213. Ford autos to be built Michigan tough
  214. Autonews: Ford To Offer New Buyouts...
  215. Ford aids California fire recovery effort
  216. Autonews:Mulally Says Ford To Simplify Line Up
  217. Reuters: Ford family to keep stake, wait for turnaround
  219. October 07: Record Sales For New Crossover Vehicles Fuel Solid Retail Sales Month
  220. Ford's Farley to Drive US Sales Ops. in Addition to Global Marketing, Communications
  221. Alan Mulally to Open the Los Angeles Auto Show
  222. Autoblog: Mulally says Ford in a "race against the clock"
  223. Autonews: UAW leaders recommend Ford contract
  224. Autoblog: J Mays set to overhaul Ford's global design
  225. Autoblog: Ford Fusion engine flying high in unmanned aerial vehicle
  226. Ford products commitment
  227. Ford Motor Posts $380M Loss for 3rd Quarter
  228. Financial Times: Daimler and Ford to pursue fuel cell venture
  229. New Ford Mondeo Magic Hits Retail Jackpot
  230. Ford's Narrower Loss Hints At Faster Recovery Than GM
  231. AP: Second Look: Ford
  232. Seeking alpha: Ford Reports Strong Quarter: Looking Forward to long term growth
  233. Detroit Free Press/ LAIAS: Mulally: More cars, no partner in Ford's future
  234. Ford unveils details of UAW pact
  235. Ford needs a dose of reality, sales guru says
  236. AutoNews:Ford Scuttles Low Cost Plant+UAW info
  237. Autonews: Farley's Debut. Urgency, Candor..
  238. Autonews: Want To Make J.Mays Cry? Read On...
  239. Autonews: Mullaly Earmarks Billions For New Product
  240. Ford to settle Explorer rollover suits
  241. Detroit News: Better quality may save Ford $300M
  242. Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey
  243. Ford 2007 November Sales - UP 0.4%
  244. Ford to Have Full Lineup Despite New Fuel Economy Rules
  245. Reuters: Bill Ford says Mulally changing Ford's culture
  246. AutoNews Commentary: Ford's New Workhorse Engines
  247. 2007-ford Motor Company Year In Review
  248. Alan Mulally Interview on Autoline Detroit
  249. Ford finds way to fuel cars with hydrogen
  250. Sync Sparking Sales, Satisfying Customers