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: Jaguar XJ scooped

12-29-2007, 04:48 PM
No sooner has Jaguar launched the XF than itís readying its next new car: the XJ limo. CAR Online has grabbed the first spyshots of this engineering mule, caught as it ventured out near the companyís Whitley R&D base. The widened tracks and cooling tests at the front indicate this is the new XJ, codenamed X351.

Itís scheduled for launch in 2009/10 and will build on the daring (for Jaguar) design direction pioneered on the XF. That car has split opinion like few others in Jagís history, so expect some fireworks in the gentlemenís clubs of London and the Home Counties.

Jagís rakish new saloon might ruffle a few feathers, but itís not all change for the big cat. It will keep the aluminium construction of todayís car to trim weight, but gain a much edgier design. When we interviewed design director Ian Callum at the recent XF launch, he suggested that the Mercedes CLS was an inspiration to the style of modern large saloons. Expect a hint of the Mercedesí slammed look and shallow windowline, but paired with Jagís new squarer grille and hi-tech lights (possibly LEDs on this iteration).

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12-29-2007, 11:58 PM
I still cannot beleive Ford is selling this company. Jaguar and Land Rover are really on their way back!!!
I also hope that the XJ takes on a different body style than this, something more mainstream in style, like the Lexus GS shape the the XF adapted, without looking Japanese