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: The Simpsons Go French to Promote the new Renault Kangoo

02-04-2008, 11:38 AM
We all have our opinions of the ever controversial "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys" and we know that they have their opinions of our country. But apparently the French do have a soft spot in their hearts for our beloved Simpson Family of Springfield. For this, Renault has licensed the entire family to help advertise the unique features of the new Renault Kangoo. For all the details here is the full article, courtesy of Motive (

Renault Co-Opts The Simpsons For New Kangoo
Feb 4, 2008

For a country where cultural xenophobia is a national sport (how many other countries have coined the word cédérom, rather than allow the ugly Anglo-Saxon "CD-ROM" into their pristine vernacular?), the French sure have an odd affinity for The Simpsons. The slovenly American family has been licensed by Renault to advertise its new Kangoo, showing the people mover in a variery of "thoroughly humorous" (according to Renault) scenarios, testing the vehicle's qualities "to the hilt" — an expression that we've never heard used outside of blacksmithing guilds and boxes for bad porno VHS tapes.

"Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and grandfather Abraham Simpson leave Springfield and appear in the "real" world," says Renault's two-bite press release, "subjecting New Renault Kangoo to a real "torture test" to highlight the car's feature qualities." The ads will premiere in France on February 9th, after which citizens will return to their normal pastimes of fighting with their feet and taking filthy pictures of each other with cheap cameras.

To help feed our Simpson's Addiction, here are three lovely ad pieces from Renault. (Caution! These pictures are incredibly large! View at your own risk!)

Simpsons & Kangoo I (;p=Manufacturers/Renault/Kangoo/The%20Simpsons;i=0;img=15738_HD_ren2008-simpson.jpg)
Simpsons & Kangoo II (;p=Manufacturers/Renault/Kangoo/The%20Simpsons;i=1)
Simpsons & Kangoo III (;p=Manufacturers/Renault/Kangoo/The%20Simpsons;i=2)

You know, it is funny, but the Simpsons do match the more cartoonish personality of the Renault Kangoo rather well. But we are talking about an American family...and the likelihood that Matt Groening would draw in the Renault Kangoo as the new family vehicle of our favorite Springfieldian's is highly unlikely. Maybe he'll bring the Canyonero back?

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