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: Mazda's DISI implications

01-19-2008, 01:43 PM
thanks to Stéphane Dumas ( @ GMI

Mazda's direct injection system known as DISI
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might be reading betwn-the-lines too much but it really sounds to me like Mazda is re-inventing the combustion cycle :eek:
one example:
"Variable valve timing technology
The conventional gasoline engine suffers from considerable pumping loss when driving around town and in other low-speed situations. To reduce this loss Mazda is currently advancing S-VT (Sequential-Valve Timing). We are investigating dual S-VT with a phase-variable mechanism for both the intake and exhaust sides, as well as a continuously variable lift mechanism now in development. If we can adjust the intake volume solely with a variable valve mechanism, it will be possible to reduce pumping loss and improve fuel economy. At the same time, we can also achieve the brisker response that is essential for exciting driving."

Much More... (