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: GRwdP - Global Rwd Platform (?)

05-20-2008, 01:47 PM
maybe I've been out of the loop
but it certainly seems I missed a change in Ford's GRwdP plans

over at GMI < linkage (, Syr74 & Igor disillusioned me about GRwdP, Huntsman, & Ford's plans.

cliffnotes version (& beg pardon for any mistakes):
- Huntsman is only the next version (not really nextgen) of the Orion/FG-Falcon that will use the 3.5v6... and I guess the 5.0v8
- GRwdP will be something else
- GRwdP is being engineered in Dearborn (at least primarily)
- the AuFalcon after Huntsman will be GRwdP
append Igor's GRwdP list:
- RWD Taurus or another large RWD FORD sedan - this will be Fairlane in OZ Mustang
- MKR midsize Lincoln (size of Falcon)
- MKC Large flagship Lincoln (larger than Fairlane)
- MK_ Lincoln coupe/convertible. (size of Mustang)
- Falcon
- Territory

Anyone else miss this or part of this?

outright trying to start rumors (&or googling) ;)
Anyone ever hear about projects called:
or a vehicle called 'Constellation'

05-26-2008, 08:23 PM
add to that list the 2012 Tbird

05-26-2008, 09:10 PM
add to that list the 2012 Tbird

I concur :)
& kinda think it could be one of those codenames

05-26-2008, 09:35 PM
I dont know the codename but I found this

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking in person to Carl Yarber, Saleen/Ford Specialist, of Team Ford - Marietta, Georgia. We spoke in detail about the Thunderbird, the COP problem, about customer service, about the shake up in top management, and that we should expect to see many Ford dealerships closing in the near future.

Some of the highlights that Carl spoke about:

2010 will be called "The Year of the Mustang". (ok Mustang lovers, that news is out of the way....nuff said, I have no details on the new Mustang, but thought you would be pleased to hear that bit of info)

Now most importantly, Thunderbird lovers will be pleased to hear that our beloved Thunderbirds will make a comeback in 2012. Ford will call 2012 "The Year of the Thunderbird". When asked if the car would be a 4 seater, Carl replied "Ford has never even considered bringing back the 4 seater, the 2012 Thunderbird will definately be a 2 seater". Carl stated the biggest change in the Thunderbird will be the materials used in making the car, with emphasis on a lighter weight car and fuel economy. That is about all I was told, except that he did say "Thunderbird lovers will love this car". Yes, there is a prototype Ford is working with now, but Carl was not forthcoming with any other details other than what I mentioned above.

05-26-2008, 10:19 PM
Yeah, I saw that, 1931Chevy
but not lately - was there any news in the past few weeks?

still taking it with a grain of salt (just one ;))

kinda see the Au-Falcon as in betwn a Rwd-Taurus and a Thundebird in status
tho maybe a touch smaller
so Ford-NA could go either way from it (or both)

if they do a Au-Fairlane again, think that could be perfect for Mercury with just a grille swap

05-27-2008, 01:10 PM
^ that's OK, LMdealer
the Tbird story is just a GRwdP-subplot ;)
+ I'm basing my TB ideas on more than just Carl

I'm just obsessed with the "2 to 3 years" that Mr.M. said for some kind of Rwd in the U.S., during his AutolineDetroit interview the beginning of this year...
...which is why I made the Poll about which model would be first > linkage (
... I'm trying to understand the roles of the code-named-projects
2011my = 2010cy and that fits 2 years from the start of 2008
like in this post of Igor's:
"GRWDP is to debut in 2011 model year - there will be overlap between Huntsmen and GRWDP"

that "overlap" shook up my mental 'flowchart' of OneFord
I'm still convinced that LHD (lefthand drive) Was designed-and-sitting-on-a-shelf for the Current Orion/FG-Falcon - - just not built - - maybe pre-designed to work with the 3.5v6 & 5.0v8?
now I'm re-thinking that ^that^'s Huntsman
which opens up new speculation about the (glorious) GRwdPlatform

<wanders off mumbling in search of more coffee>