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: Ford preps an orderly Falcon run-out

03-20-2007, 11:22 AM
EXPECT a series of value-added limited-edition Falcon variants – rather than a BF MkIII facelift - to be launched this year, as part of what Ford anticipates will be a sales battleground in the lead-up to its all-new Falcon in early 2008.

"That (large-car) segment will continue to be a challenge for us against all-new competitors," said Ford Australia president Tom Gorman on Friday.

"We think even in its final year Falcon’s share (of the large-car segment) should be better than 25.7 (per cent), and we’re taking tactical action to work on that.

"But this is going to be a battleground for us this year. Under 26 per cent isn’t where we really want to be. But we still have an outstanding car.

"There’s no question from a driving dynamic, frankly, BFII is as good as any of the new products on the road today.

"We know that our next-generation Falcon is going to leap substantially where they (Holden with its VE Commodore) are, so we’re not worried about that at all."

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