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: Electrifying Ride in the Volt - CNBC

01-10-2009, 05:54 PM
Thursday, 8 Jan 2009
An Electrifying Ride In The Chevy Volt - CNBC.com (http://www.cnbc.com/id/26835538)
Posted By: Phil LeBeauhttp://images.drive.com.au/drive_images/Editorial/2007/01/09/ChevVolt_1M_m.jpg...I spent part of Wednesday afternoon tooling around GM's tech center in a "mule" version of the Volt. When I hit the gas, the acceleration was instant. Like all electric cars, the torque and response from the car is immediate. The Volt will deliver the same performance you would get from a car with 250 horse power.

The other thing that stands out about the Volt is how smooth and quiet it is. There is not the whirring sound that I have heard in other electric cars I have driven. It also feels effortless when you are driving it. All around, I can see why executives at GM have growing confidence the Volt will deliver everything that's been promised...

...make no mistake electric cars are coming. The Volt is leading the charge, but it's not alone. Within the next five years almost all the major auto companies will have an all electric or electric extended range car. The technology IS coming and that's the biggest impression I took away from driving the Volt. The batteries and technology are clearing the hurdles that have long made electric cars seem like science projects...

...We are in the midst of some wild times for the auto industry, and the national shows are taking a great interest in what happens to the Big 3 and the industry as a whole.

01-12-2009, 01:23 PM
The quietness might be due to the Cruze sound insulation, which I hear is superb. The Cruze will be on sale by mid next year. April to be exact.
When I saw images of the volt platform, Its shaped oddly like the skateboard design that GM paraded around a while back.