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: 2005 Mustang E-brake problem.

04-01-2009, 04:47 PM
Hey I'm having serious issues with my e-brake when it is cold outside. Seems that the rear brakes stay locked when I release the e-brake and now my rotors are shot as well as pads. I was stupid and didn't do anything about it once it happened. So now I'm paying for it. My driver-side rear caliper is locked so I had to order a new one. I heard on different forums that the problem is the rubber boot around the e-brake cable that connects to the caliper. I was just wondering if any of you heard about it being a possible recall. Also, I'm gonna change the pads, rotors, the caliper, and bleed my brakes tomorrow but I noticed today my traction control will not stay on. Once I start my car the traction control off light is on as well as the light under my gauge. And...my e-brake light is on even though I don't put it up anymore. I just leave my car in first. Are these lights gonna cause me more and more money soon? Anyone know how I could fix them? Should I wait until after I change my brakes to see if the lights are still on? Anyone else having these issues? Am I asking too many questions? Lol sorry I'm just really concerned with my car. It's a 2005 Mustang GT. I bought it used at 33k miles and now have about 51k.

Thanks to anyone with any kind of info,
Bobby C.

04-05-2009, 09:21 PM
Thanks LMdealer. I actually replaced the caliper and that seemed to do the trick. I appreciate you taking the time to help.