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: FordInsideNews Exclusive: Ford’s CD3 Sedans Reach 1 Million Sold in the US

06-02-2010, 11:43 PM

FordInsideNews Exclusive: Ford's CD3 Sedans Reach 1 Million Sold in the US

When Ford’s CD3 sedans launched for the 2006 model year, they quickly starting selling from the start and now after 4 years and 8 months on the market, they have eclipsed the 1 million sales mark for the US market thanks to May sales. The Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Lincoln MkZ and Zephyr along the way have won numerous awards from best interior to car of the year. The Fusion recorded its highest number of sales last year and is on course to even beat that number this year. The total for the triplets now stands at 1,016,045 units for the US as of the end of May.

Timeline for the CD3 sedans:

• Fusion, Milan, and Zephyr launch in October.
• Fusion and Milan come with a standard 2.3 I4 and optional 3.0 V6. Zyphyr has the 3.0 V as standard equipment.
• Lincoln Zephyr renamed the MkZ and adds the 3.5 V6 engine to replace the 3.0 V6.
• Fusion Launches in Brazil and quickly becomes the best seller in its class.
• All wheel drive is added to V6 models on all three sedans.
• SYNC added as an option on Fusion and Milan, MkZ receives it as standard equipment.
• All three sedans receive face lifts and all new interiors.
• Fusion and Milan replace the 2.3 I4 for the 2.5 I4 and the 3.0 V6 is upgraded. Fusion adds the 3.5 V6 for a new Sport trim.
• Fusion and Milan have best in class highway fuel economy for gas versions.
• Fusion and Milan Hybrids are launched with best in class 41 mpg city.
• Fusion has highest yearly sales ever.
• MkZ Hybrid will launch later this year with an estimated 41 mpg city.