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: Ford sales plunge in April

05-01-2007, 09:47 AM

NEW YORK ( -- Sales at Ford Motor plunged 13 percent in April, the latest sign of trouble for the nation's embattled No. 2 automaker, although the sales weren't quite as bad as some forecasts.

Ford reported that its U.S. sales came to 228,623 vehicles in the month, down from 262,722 in the year-earlier period

Rising gasoline prices bit into the demand for the pickups and SUV's, hitting the sales of light truck models by 6 percent. And the company's decision to cut back on sales of car models to fleet customers, particularly rental car companies, reduced the sale of cars by 24 percent. The discontinuation of the Taurus was responsible for most of the drop in sales of car models.

On Friday George Pipas, Ford's manager of sales analysis, confirmed that its sales would be "terrible" in April, falling short of the company's own targets. But auto sales tracker had forecast a 22 percent drop in Ford sales in April, so the final sales number wasn't as bad as some had feared.

Still, Ford (Charts, Fortune 500) is in danger of losing its long-time position as second only to General Motors (Charts, Fortune 500), in terms of U.S. sales, to Toyota Motor (Charts) this year. Toyota has already passed DaimlerChrysler (Charts) to move into third position in U.S. sales in 2006. Another Japanese automaker, Honda Motor (Charts), has also made gains at the expense of the traditional Big Three automakers

05-01-2007, 09:58 AM
I think Ford is doing the right thing.
1. Focussing on cutting fleet sales.
2.Bringing new products to Market
3.Improving quality

Improving profitability per sale