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: Detroit News: Volvo CEO forecasts record 2007 sales

06-27-2007, 10:38 AM

Volvo CEO forecasts record 2007 sales

Volvo Car Corp., Ford Motor Co.'s Swedish luxury unit, forecast 2007 sales will rise to a record after five-month deliveries gained 8 percent on the new S80 sedan and C30 compact car, Bloomberg News reported today.

Volvo's sales this year will exceed the 2004 record of 456,000 cars and sport utility vehicles, Fredrik Arp, the division's chief executive officer, told Bloomberg today in an interview at an industry conference in Prague.

The sales increase will be helped by booming demand in Russia, where Volvo expects deliveries to "more than double in 2007" to more than 20,000 vehicles, Arp said. Volvo aims to have 60 dealerships operating in Russia in 2010 compared with 24 outlets currently.

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06-27-2007, 10:48 AM
The last paragraph (which is not copied above in respect to the rules of posting news from websites) is just lamentable, especially coming from The Detroit News. They remark there that Ford is seeking for buyers for Jaguar, Land Rover AND Volvo. Apart from just echoing speculations from other media outlets, TDN ads Volvo to the mix without any justification, not even speculative justification. Volvo is not for sale, it isn't even part of the review by the investment banks and by KPMG.

I guess that for some journalists the itch to publish for sensationalistic notes is stronger than any trace ethics that may remain in them.

In any case these are delightful news from Volvo.