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: Bentley confirms uber-luxe SUV in development

07-18-2011, 11:04 AM
Bentley confirms uber-luxe SUV in development
By Noah Joseph
Jul 18th 2011 (

Some rumors round the mill once or twice and either come to fruition or eventually die off. But some just keep on going round and round like a soul in limbo, never reaching production and never dying, either.

One of the most prominent examples is the rumors of a Bentley SUV. Given that (A) luxury sport-utes are seemingly forever rising in popularity with no end in sight, (B) that Bentley's existing Continental range already packs torque-tastic engines and all-wheel drive, and that (C) its corporate cousins Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche are already in the game (not to mention Lamborghini, which once was and might yet once again), the rumors make sense, but have just never seemed to get there. At least, not beyond the Dominator (pictured above), built in a limited run in the mid-90s for the Sultan of Brunei.

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07-18-2011, 01:03 PM
wow, that looks excruciatingly ORDINARY

falcon lover
07-19-2011, 05:38 AM
Another Q7-Cayenne-Touareg clone? Remember the Oldsmobile-Pontiac-Chevrolet-Cadillac-Buick clones? Will VW take the same damned road?

07-19-2011, 06:38 AM
It does have a nice English Hearse look about it. The question is will people buy this thing or is it a waste of time and money.