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: GM finally launches the Hummer: IN KENYA!!!

08-30-2007, 05:57 PM
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GM finally launches the Hummer

Story by NATION Correspondent
Publication Date: 8/31/2007

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The Hummer car, which caused a stir in Kenya when it was associated with a leading opposition MP, was officially launched yesterday by General Motors East Africa (
Kenya is now the second country after South Africa (, to launch the car on the continent. First popularised by Lang’ata MP Raila Odinga, the Hummer bears features of US military vehicles, and will cost Sh6 million.
Briefing the press at the Nairobi Serena hotel yesterday, General Motors managing director, Bill Lay said the company expects to sell 100 units of the model in the next one year. The Hummer 3 (H3) model launched yesterday is a step down from the fuel guzzlers, Hummer 1 and Hummer 2, in which the Lang’ata MP is driven around in. However, Mr Lay who referred to Raila as “honorary brand manager” added that the MP, who was not present would approve that “Hummer brand remains politically neutral”
He said the vehicle costs less to maintain and is economical in its use of fuel. “The (original) Hummer was not meant to be a fuel saver, but the Hummer 3 is more manageable, and uses less fuel.” he said. Built in South Africa, it is structurally smaller than the other two. GM Brand manager Wasswa Sserwanga said the region was thirsty for the H3, which could become the new brand of choice for the high-end consumer.


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08-31-2007, 01:02 PM
Yep, the Hummer is here, H3, yesterday I saw more than 10 of them in the local GM yard. Not as magnificent as I thought they were though. Just a normal car, I thought they would run on one wheel, or dirty water, man, what a.... just there. A few on the roads still,