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: Ford strong in Europe

07-13-2007, 01:11 PM
Ford might be facing ever-dwindling sales in its native country, but in Europe, sales are up all across the board, led by fresh products denied to North American consumers. First-half sales for calendar year 2007 were up 4.6 percent overall in Europe and while June sales weren't as strong, they generally looked up for Ford - something that can't be said in Ford's biggest market.

Ford had 8.9 percent of the market share in June '07 and sales were up 1.2 percent last month. Perhaps the biggest positive note for Ford is that the Russian market bought twice as many Fords (more than 13,000) in June as it did in June of '06.

The United Kingdom remains Ford's biggest market in Europe, with 38,875 new Fords sold in June. The newly released Ford Mondeo, which is not slated to appear in the U.S. or Canada, sold 9,000 units during June.

07-14-2007, 08:02 PM
Just for an alternative viewpoint -
would someone with more patience than me (& a faster connection) check out the links from this BON thread (

Jellymoulds' Jul 13 2007, 03:36 PM post for context:
"Well l am glad see Ford donít offer incentives anymore, but Ford have been giving huge discounts in Europe some would call
them suicide prices, Ford Kaís for £4,995 they were selling for double that price ten years ago, Ford are still flooding car
rentals in the UK.

Fords NEW Mondeo needs huge discounts already to shift them? ( (

Ford have pulled out of car rentals? (

Type in London heathrow as the destination, what no Ford rental cars anymore?

Somebody is telling a few porky pie lies here?"
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In other threads, it sorta sounds like FoE wants a divorce and custody of the pets...
I mean... PAG.