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  1. VinceL inspects the MKC(s) at his local Lincoln dealer....

    Quote Originally Posted by VinceL View Post
    I stopped by the local Lincoln dealer today and they had 3 MkC's sitting out front (Silver, Black, and White), with a 4th sitting under the awning, which turns out it was being delivered as we walked up to check it out. It had the white sand/espresso interior that I wanted to see in person. While I was congratulating the new owner I was taking peeks inside and I liked the color combination (the espresso looked a lot darker in person than in photos and the white sand looked brighter).
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  2. 2015my MKS Target [UPDATE] ....& electrificationing

    they made an EB-PIH with the 2.3EB driving just the front wheels (300hp)
    the Focus Electric's 143hp (for the rear wheels) & 23kWh battery pack (est 60mile range in the MKS) that with the 6.6kWh charger can fully charge in 3.5hrs

    thread link

    Updated 09-18-2014 at 10:16 AM by 2b2

  3. big Lincolns theorizing ............rwd too?

    Aug 9 '14 converting an old bone of contention into a near-invisible workspace for...

    big Lincolns theorizing
    ----- ref: ----- MKS(wic)MARK blog

    adaptive cruise & collision w/ brake support HD radio THX Nav
    PREMIUM ________$60k
    adds: dual-panel moonroof power-adj pedals w/ mem power rear sunshade rearview cam
    ELITE ___________ $65k "Plethora"
    adds: ?multi-contour frt seats? ...

    Updated 09-29-2014 at 12:47 PM by 2b2 (renaming the silver [BL] paint color = Mirage (since Cadillac won't be using "Elmira"j)

  4. Next Ford Edge and S-Max to Receive Same CD4 Derivative Platform

    Quote Originally Posted by ausrutherford View Post
    The Next Wave Begins
    May 16, 2012
    By: Austin Rutherford

    Now that the Fusion/Mondeo and MkZ are nearing completion. Ford is putting all efforts into the next stage of CD4 on the front burner. FIN has now learned of some interesting information of this product cadence.

    As part of its ultra secretive nature, Ford has named this second wave
  5. Ford's First Quarter 2012 Global Sales Breakdown

    Quote Originally Posted by ausrutherford View Post
    Sales of Focus Up; China, Europe Hit the Wall
    May 11, 2012
    By: Austin Rutherford

    Ford sales in the first quarter of 2012 were a double-edged sword. Even with higher sales in North America, Europe and China dragged total sales downward. Ford will have many new products in the coming months to help remedy both problems.

    Ford of Europe is experiencing
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