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  1. VinceL inspects the MKC(s) at his local Lincoln dealer....

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    I stopped by the local Lincoln dealer today and they had 3 MkC's sitting out front (Silver, Black, and White), with a 4th sitting under the awning, which turns out it was being delivered as we walked up to check it out. It had the white sand/espresso interior that I wanted to see in person. While I was congratulating the new owner I was taking peeks inside and I liked the color combination (the espresso looked a lot darker in person than in photos and the white sand looked brighter).
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  2. 2015my MKS Target [UPDATE]

    they made an EB-PIH with the 2.3EB driving just the front wheels (300hp)
    the Focus Electric's 143hp (for the rear wheels) & 23kWh battery pack (est 60mile range in the MKS) that with the 6.6kWh charger can fully charge in 3.5hrs

    thread link

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  3. 2015 Mustang Spied!

    THANKS for all those delicious "crumbs", Wings !!

    Was this the first time the nextgen Mustang was shown outside of its development team?
    Without asking for any of the INFO itself... Did they go into specs&stuff for you guys?
    (just misc curiosity^ NBD if not cool to answer)

    Had to google "NFS" (I'm so out of it) so here's a pic
  4. Lincoln's 90millionth Anniversary?

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    that word "hiatus" (or "Limbo") is how I feel about Lincoln's situation too

    even if the new Z is a hit, it has to be part of lineup-wide program
    Lincoln won't do any better than Cadillac did with its one-car-wonder, the CTS

    one thing that really bugs me is
    they have all the donors in place, practically ALL In Production already
    (Escape, Focus/G.C-Max, Aviator, Mustang, Falcon)
    yet we aren't