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  1. VinceL inspects the MKC(s) at his local Lincoln dealer....

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    I stopped by the local Lincoln dealer today and they had 3 MkC's sitting out front (Silver, Black, and White), with a 4th sitting under the awning, which turns out it was being delivered as we walked up to check it out. It had the white sand/espresso interior that I wanted to see in person. While I was congratulating the new owner I was taking peeks inside and I liked the color combination (the espresso looked a lot darker in person than in photos and the white sand looked brighter).
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  2. 2015my MKS Target [UPDATE] ....& electrificationing

    they made an EB-PIH with the 2.3EB driving just the front wheels (300hp)
    the Focus Electric's 143hp (for the rear wheels) & 23kWh battery pack (est 60mile range in the MKS) that with the 6.6kWh charger can fully charge in 3.5hrs

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  3. big Lincolns theorizing ............rwd too?

    Aug 9 '14 converting an old bone of contention into a near-invisible workspace for...

    big Lincolns theorizing
    ----- ref: ----- MKS(wic)MARK blog

    adaptive cruise & collision w/ brake support HD radio THX Nav
    PREMIUM ________$60k
    adds: dual-panel moonroof power-adj pedals w/ mem power rear sunshade rearview cam
    ELITE ___________ $65k "Plethora"
    adds: ?multi-contour frt seats? ...

    Updated 09-29-2014 at 12:47 PM by 2b2 (renaming the silver [BL] paint color = Mirage (since Cadillac won't be using "Elmira"j)

  4. Lincoln's 90millionth Anniversary?

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    that word "hiatus" (or "Limbo") is how I feel about Lincoln's situation too

    even if the new Z is a hit, it has to be part of lineup-wide program
    Lincoln won't do any better than Cadillac did with its one-car-wonder, the CTS

    one thing that really bugs me is
    they have all the donors in place, practically ALL In Production already
    (Escape, Focus/G.C-Max, Aviator, Mustang, Falcon)
    yet we aren't

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