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Lincoln's 90millionth Anniversary?

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by , 03-15-2012 at 11:38 AM (2369 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
that word "hiatus" (or "Limbo") is how I feel about Lincoln's situation too

even if the new Z is a hit, it has to be part of lineup-wide program
Lincoln won't do any better than Cadillac did with its one-car-wonder, the CTS

one thing that really bugs me is
they have all the donors in place, practically ALL In Production already
(Escape, Focus/G.C-Max, Aviator, Mustang, Falcon)
yet we aren't hearing/seeing anything about whats coming

...the other thing that really bugs me is
(broken record)
we don't even know if Max's "ribcage" grille will be adopted by the other existing models!
since the S & T just debuted with a 4th (FOURTH!) & possibly 'lame-duck' style.
Lincoln's apparent lineup, circa Dec.2012/Jan.2013, is like a design graveyard - of interest only to automotive-anthropologists!
[img the Lab fron "Bones" /img]
"...the Victorians favored the "modern" thin-slat waterfall (S & T),
the ancient Egyptians used the overly large split-wing (X) based on the hunter-gatherer Zephyr,
and in Olduvai Gorge we find fossils of the Kennedy Continental's cross-grid (Navi)...
Mr. Nigel-Murray, have you found any other correlations?"

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  1. 2b2's Avatar
    meant Explorer as the 3rd donor not Aviator
  2. cobra#1's Avatar
    Lincoln seems to always falter from success, so i beg to God that when they do succeed they don't forget how close they came to going bye, bye.

    Aviator would be a nice return maybe this time allow it to truly be distinctive, but elegant (nothing to remind us of the MKT).
    Also the aviator should come standard with the 3.5 EB and have a better tow rating.
    MKS needs a redesign, but a true RWD flagship above it based off the mustang platform.
    Also lincoln small car could also be FWD, but they could bring out a RWD 2-door off the mustang platform.