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big Lincolns theorizing ............rwd too?

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by , 06-13-2013 at 01:44 PM (34963 Views)
Aug 9 '14 converting an old bone of contention into a near-invisible workspace for...

big Lincolns theorizing
----- ref: ----- MKS(wic)MARK blog

• adaptive cruise & collision w/ brake support • HD radio • THX • Nav
PREMIUM ________$60k
adds: • dual-panel moonroof • power-adj pedals w/ mem • power rear sunshade • rearview cam
ELITE ___________ $65k "Plethora"
adds: • ?multi-contour frt seats? • heated SW & rear seats • park assist & BLIS • lane departure / lane keep assist

>> add 4thTrim/options for Continental(s) <<
• psychic-suspension (reads ahead / gps?)
• ceramic brakes
• active aerofX
• soft-close doors and power trunklid
• ?electro-glass reardoorglass?
• wool carpeting (+ on doors)
• al cantara headliner
• reclining rearseats / slumber front passenger seat (inflating bolsters?)
• massaging seats
Continental $steps = $60 / $65 / $70 / $75-85k
Continental hybrid = ------- $70 / $75 / $80-90k
Continental plug-in = ------ $75 / $80 / $85-95k
Continentalv8 E-wd = ------ ------ $83 / $88-98k
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
interiors ($0-3-6-9k +co$t)
- ebony,ivory,hazelnut --------- multi-gray -------- cordovan --- blue = Continental +
- ebony ------------------------------ ivory,hazelnut --- multi-gray -------- = Continental base
--------------- hazelnut ------------- ivory ---------------- ebony ------------- = MKS(wic)MARK
paints ($0-3-6-9k +co$t)
black,white,silver,gray,red,blue --- 7, 8, 9 ------- 10,11 ------ 12,13 = Continental +
----- black,white,silver,gray --------- red,blue,7 --- 8,9 ------------------ = Continental base
----- black,silver,Guard --------------- white --------- red,blue ------------ = MKS(wic)MARK
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[BL] ...which happens to have shown at least 6 paint colors so far (#8-13^^?)
(+Guard #7?)
[Chroma]Flame Link
"Center Stage," which features a Jet Black interior highlighted by a Foxfire Red headliner. It is supposed to evoke the feeling of being in a theater.
"Indulgence" is inspired by chocolate candy. It features special leather and the Ziricote wood trim sometimes used in high-end yachts, according to Ford.
"Modern Heritage" has a modern look with a black-and-white cabin with red highlights. When the line debuts, Lincoln says Black Label experts will help to guide a customer through the process of selecting custom materials for their cars.
dash trims:_________________
patent Leather accents with...?
Zebrano, SantosRosewood, Ziricote, CconceptBlackSilverVein, machinedAlu

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Updated 09-29-2014 at 12:47 PM by 2b2 (renaming the silver [BL] paint color = Mirage (since Cadillac won't be using "Elmira"j)



  1. 2b2's Avatar

    ChromaCouture - ChromaFlame - Notorious

    Confidential - Black Tie - Crystal Silver

    note: I was calling the last one (bottom right) "Metalicious" then "Mirage/Mirror"
    but UPDATE 10/10/14 = [BL] configurator is Online!!
    just renamed it
    Updated 10-10-2014 at 03:10 PM by 2b2 (renaming the silver [BL] paint color = Mirage (since Cadillac won't be using "Elmira"j))
  2. 2b2's Avatar
    • switched chart from estate to sedan
    • reduced drivetrains
    • restructured pricing to reflect [BlackLabel], at top$, but
    those packages are to be available thru-out the pricerange

    the range-extender would be a pure generator configuration, where the petrol would be engaged separately - not by the "go-pedal", and hopefully be just powerful enough to provided unlimited range at NOT-full power (may even require a rest(charging)stop when near-depleted, before some max-load situations...
    ...the GPS-nav would alert the driver)

    wondering if almost +$20k is a good price difference between
    -- a top end v6 Conti-sedan minus [BL] and
    -- a top end v8 Constellation + [BL]
    ? (I have No problem with a top [BL] v6 sedan costing a bit More than an UN-optioned v8 4-d-coupe)
    re: the eMARK,
    2015 could use the 240hp 2.0EB from the MKC &
    2017 could upgrade to the 2.3EB
    wondering if the 23kWh battery-pack from the FocusElectric could be
    a trio of 7.6kWh from the C-Mx/FusionEnergis
    with some rounding of the numbers?

    thinking of adding Navigator & Aviator pricing/specs to this blog
    Updated 08-28-2014 at 04:04 PM by 2b2
  3. 2b2's Avatar
    a special edition Cayenne (CarScoops Link) got me thinking about colors (again)

    managed to cobble together an LS550 (& Conti) palette that doesn't blatantly contradict what we know about [BlackLabel] - so far
    (wasn't easy ... googled M6, S5, & Vette for ideas)

    the LS550 starts off with just/ALL Ford paint colors on its όber-base trim ("Brut")
    but the Continental uses (more?) Lincoln-exclusive paints from the start

    Ingot Silver, Ruby Red, Deep Impact Blue = Brut
    plus Tuxedo, PlatinumWhite, Luxe(gray), Guard = Freedom then
    darker,richer red & blue ("Glory" & Fidelity"?) and
    a Not-Beige ("Satin Shadow"?) = Premium then
    the 6
    [BL] colors we know something about

    ChromaFlame, Notorious(Blue), (jet)BlackTie, Confidential(white), Mirage/Mirror, ChromaCouture(brownish)
    - which theoretically can be optioned on Any trim, including Brut/SpOrder only
    - Flame & Notorious are much brighter than typical Lincoln colors
    - the higher/est trim on the LS550 gets as much? performance as Lux options
    - temporary name ^ for it = "Level-4" (not! "Elite")
    - INTERIOR... I'm still 'working' on but think I'd only give
    Brut: pewter-metallic Leather seat-bolsters, armrests, trimmings; with black al cantara "suede" inserts and maybe some kind of red+blue (both-together) piping
    Premium: only All Leather in (the usual) Ebony, Ivory, Hazelnut
    plus immediately, a (louder) euro/baseballglove "tan"
    more to come I'm sure

    Continental's 13(-14-15- ) colors from above are
    then/plus [BL]
    ChromaFlame(questionable imho FOR Continental)

    - happened upon an old-or-Euro Ford color called "Moondust Silver"
    that looks possibly brighter than Ingot - wonder if it could be a Lincoln color?
    - Interior colors add Cashmere(beige) to the LS550's
    ...not too light...not too dark...not too adventurous...
    haven't figured out any more
    Updated 10-31-2014 at 08:49 PM by 2b2 (renaming the silver [BL] paint color = Mirage (since Cadillac won't be using "Elmira"j))
  4. 2b2's Avatar
    crossreference: Lincoln MKT Future thread

    Ooo Ooo *idea*

    they could even take the new MKX and stretch it over the MKT's bones!
    basically the X's front end + Flex's passenger space + a roof & non-grooved door skins

    no problem even coming up with nomenclature = Lincoln XLG get it?

    - NOT a rebadge in the usual sense
    - definitely a rebadge & improvement of the MKT
    - wonder if the MKC's clamshell hatch could be made to fit??

    - the Flex is EXACTLY the same width as the new Edge (dunno X)
    ie the new X's fron should fit
    - the Flex is only 2.8" taller than the MKC
    so a lighty bubbled roof could taper back to the clamshell
    and Not look like the Flex

    Updated 10-27-2014 at 07:04 PM by 2b2
  5. 2b2's Avatar
    having decided that
    the CD4+3 (Taurus/MKS & Explorer/Aviator) has been cancelled
    stumbled on the idea of
    China-ONLY = Taurus / long Wlb MKZ / Edge-3-row
    all sharing the same basic stretch

    now trying even harder to figure out what the U.S. is getting before "D6"?
    ...I'm quite perturbed that rumors are resurfacing about new large cars at NAIAS

    + wondering
    if there's any relation between D6 and T6?
    if in addition to D6a / D6f / D6r ...could there be a separate D6e?