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Ford's Full Year 2011 Worldwide Sales Breakdown

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Ford's Full Year 2011 Worldwide Sales Breakdown
Focus in a strong 1st place
February 13, 2012
By: Austin Rutherford

2011 turned into a mediocre year for Ford globally as not many new products debuted as with the past few years. Sales were however up nearly 400,000 units over 2010 on a worldwide basis. Headwinds caused by the Euro crisis and flooding in Thailand hurt sales later in the year.

The biggest debut by far this year was the third generation Focus that launched into Europe, North America, and other smaller regions. Other smaller debuts were the new Cargo, Territory, and new engines for the Explorer, Edge, and F-150.

North America

US sales for the Ford brand made it the best selling brand in the country and passed the 2 million mark for the first time in several years. Sales were largely improved due to the Explorer, Fusion, Escape, and F-Series trucks.

Canadian sales did not see the large gains that they had seen in recent years as Fordís domestic competitors regained traction following their bankruptcies. However, Ford was able to keep themselves as the nationís largest seller of vehicles.

Ford was the leading provider of full size trucks of any company on the continent as F-Series sales once again held off the combined efforts from the Silverado and Sierra.

Ford of Mexico added the Indian-built Figo as the Ikon. Sales were once again rather stagnating due to the loss of F-Series. The F-Series has become associated with the drug cartels.

South America

Venezuela had a big year in sales thanks to the new generation Explorer and Super Duty launching into the market. Ford remained a strong #2 in sales and gained market share.

Sales in Brazil were not as robust as in 2010. This was caused by the age of Ford products finally catching up to them with competitors launching newer products. The one bright spot was the new Cargo, which launched mid-year. This allowed Ford to gain share in this area. Also in 2011, Ford launched the Mexican-built Fiesta hatch and facelifted the locally built Ka. 2012 should bring improved sales as the all-new EcoSport, Ranger, and Fusion debut.

Argentine sales were up with the market as the nationís economy came back to life following the past few years. Ford launched the facelifts for the Mondeo and S-Max in 2011.


As mentioned, the Euro crisis took its toll on Ford sales. It was not as bad as some makers, but it largely hit some of Fordís more elderly models like those riding on EUCD.

To prepare itself for future gains, Ford Russia entered in a joint venture with Sollers. This partnership will become clearer in a few months as its product offensive begins. This will include local production of the Transit and Explorer.

Ford was once again the best selling brand in the UK where the Fiesta and Focus took the top two spots. The Transit Connect also saw gains in its home market of Turkey to become the nationís bestseller.

Asia Pacific and Africa

For the first time, most nations of the Middle East are included into the numbers. The most eye-popping stat came from Saudi Arabia. This country was home to the second largest market for the outgoing Crown Victoria with over 16,000 sales. It will be a tough challenge for the Taurus to make up for these sales. Saudi Arabia was also home to the second and third largest markets for the Expedition and Explorer.

Ford was the best seller among non-domestic producing companies in Morocco, while in Egypt, Ford largest seller turned out to be the Chinese built JMC Boadian.

Indian home sales were actually down due to lack of bank lending and higher gas prices. However, thanks to the exportation of the Figo, Indian production sales were up.

Ford sales throughout the South Pacific were up for the greater part of the year due to the Thai production of the Fiesta. The flooding in this production center hit these markets hard later in the year.

One of the interesting debuts in this area was the debut of the Explorer into the Philippines in October.

Australia had both a good and troubling year. The new Territory launched to successful sales thanks in large to the new diesel, but the Falcon had its worst year ever as sales continued their downward trend. Another bright spot was the launch of the new Focus, which routinely saw sales over 1,000 following its debut.

Chinese sales were up slightly in 2011 thanks in most part to the launch of the new Mondeo. Sales should hopefully pick up start in March following the start of the new Focus in the nation.

The Long Goodbye

The most known vehicle to go to the graveyard this year by observing its last sales was the Mercury Grand Marquis. This was a fitting end to the brand for this vehicle was its best selling model throughout its history.

The only other vehicle to record its last sales in 2011 was the JMC Baowei. Luckily this model was faithfully replaced by the Yusheng which has lifted JMC's market share in the mid-size SUV market in China.

Goodbyes for 2012

As with the Grand Marquis, Ford will lose the last two Panther platform vehicles as sales end for the Crown Victoria and Town Car. Ford hopes that the Taurus and MkT will replace these vehicles.

The European Fusion will go the way of the dodo after 10 years of service as Fordís sub-compact MPV for Europe. In its place, the new Romanian built B-Max will take over.

The Brazilian made Ford Super Duty has been left unchanged since the facelift of the 2005 model year. Ford however believes that the new Ford Ranger will be enough for Brazil and Argentina and will kill off the F-Series ending decades of production in the market.

Largely based on an over a decade Fiesta design, the Ford Bantam will also end production. South Africa will now build only the Ranger. This will leave the Courier as the only sub-compact truck, though this is also scheduled to end production next year.

Merging in 2012

With the Escape (both the NA based and Taiwan based) and Kuga going shifting the same model throughout the year, they will be counted together from here on out.

Due to the Rangerís Argentine production moving to the all-new model developed by Ford of Australia, all Ranger sales outside of the US and Canada will be counted together.

The Brazilian and Venezuelan built Fiesta will be separated out from the world Fiesta starting in Brazil thanks to the sales association splitting the data. The bad news is that Ford of India is not separating out both the local Fiesta/S. African Ikon from the new Fiesta so they will now be calculated together.

Markets included for the year were Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Model Breakdown
  1. Ford Focus - 877,640
  2. Ford Fiesta(World/LA) - 765,611
  3. Ford F-Series(World)/ Lobo - 698,306
  4. Ford Escape(World) - 311,405
  5. Ford Fusion(World) - 279,659
  6. Ford Transit - 253,852
  7. Ford Mondeo - 173,731
  8. Ford Explorer - 160,448
  9. Ford Edge - 146,695
  10. Ford C-Max - 125,362
  11. Ford E-Series - 125,132
  12. Ford Transit Connect - 108,291
  13. Ford Figo/ Ikon(Mex) - 95,805
  14. Ford Ranger(NA) - 87,213
  15. Ford Ka(S.Am) - 80,792
  16. Ford Mustang - 77,652
  17. Ford Ka(Euro) - 74,283
  18. Ford Taurus - 73,674
  19. Ford Kuga - 73,075
  20. JMC Qingka - 69,012
  21. Ford Crown Victoria - 68,619
  22. Ford EcoSport - 67,380
  23. JMC Boadian - 62,799
  24. Ford Ranger(World) - 62,940
  25. Ford Expedition - 52,106
  26. Ford S-Max - 51,830
  27. Ford Ranger(LA) - 39,074
  28. Ford Cargo - 35,091
  29. Ford Flex - 31,228
  30. Lincoln MkZ - 29,029
  31. Ford Galaxy - 28,284
  32. Lincoln MkX - 27,993
  33. Ford Falcon - 26,975
  34. Ford Fusion(Euro) - 22,744
  35. Ford Fiesta(Indian)/ Ikon(S.Af.) - 16,001
  36. Ford Territory - 14,561
  37. Ford F-Series(S.Am) - 13,232
  38. Landwind X6/ X9 - 13,021
  39. Lincoln MkS - 12,847
  40. Ford Escape(Asian) - 11,770
  41. Ford Everest/ Endeavor - 11,683
  42. JMC Yusheng - 9,951
  43. Lincoln Town Car - 9,764
  44. Lincoln Navigator - 8,581
  45. Ford Bantam - 8,201
  46. Ford Courier - 7,778
  47. Ford Heavy Trucks - 5,705
  48. Lincoln MkT - 5,542
  49. Ford I-Max - 2,913
  50. Ford Econovan - 2,569
  51. Troller T4 - 1,274
  52. Mercury Grand Marquis - 1,079
  53. Landwind Fashion/ CV9 - 1,001
  54. JMC Baowei - 639

Lincoln Mark LT - Unknown

Sales by Category

City - 74,283
Sub-Compact - 958,209
Compact - 877,640
Mid-Size - 482,419
Full-Size - 192,958

Utility Vehicles including MPVs
Sub-Compact - 90,124
Compact - 538,483
Mid-Size - 453,422
Full-Size - 97,457

Utility Vans
Compact - 108,291
Mid-Size - 2,569
Full-Size - 379,214

Sub-Compact - 15,979
Compact - 189,086
Mid-Size - 62,930
Full-Size - 711,538
Medium Duty - 5,705
Cab-Over - 104,103

Pony Car - 77,652

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