WoW: new WorldOnWheels Corp.

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Thread: WoW: new WorldOnWheels Corp.

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    WoW: new WorldOnWheels Corp.

    this started on CSS's "Mercury's Days Are Numbered" thread (page2), where member, Boston, said
    "Ford should sell the name as part of a package with JLR to give the buyer a bread and butter brand to build off."

    Although (as most here know) I really want to see [strike]Mercura-Meriniti-Meraudiwagen[/strike]
    Mercury thrive....

    but wonder if Boston's proposal could be fleshed out & work?

    I sorta think everything except F-M-L is gonna be sold
    but what if it all was lumped into a new global corp.?
    (with the Mercury name thrown in) (MkFields too?)

    Could they include half of each Lincoln dealer's floorspace in the deal?
    with an escape clause where the Lincoln dealers could add Ford instead?
    (of course there's plenty of old factories to 'give-away' too
    and with the dollar so low & no UAW contract, U.S.>>>ROTW exports?)

    And maybe the new corp. would include/add one more existing entry level brand?
    or maybe just use old platforms for the entry-brand? (is Atlanta still intact?)

    So with all the platforms & engineering available (Mazda/Volvo own copies of the C1/EUCD blueprints),
    Mercury (or Mazda-Mercury-Volvo) could be the bit nicer brand(s) for the U.S. (& Rover-less areas),
    Mazda-Rover-Volvo for the rest of the world that had Rovers,
    but with the volume support from that entry-brand
    and the cachet of Jag-LR up on top...

    Guess this would sorta re-create Ford+PAG except the volume brand wouldn't be "Fordish"
    and the corp. wouldn't be Ford-family ruled...

    kinda expect this thread to sink below the forum-horizon pretty quickly,
    but this idea is nagging at me
    & some plusses are occurring to me
    in the U.S., if you merged all Mazda,Volvo,Jag-LR dealers with a percentage of Lincoln dealers...
    cobbled together a Rover brand for the U.K. and emerging markets...
    and maybe created local brand/sales-channels by buying defunct heritage names for some markets...
    hired Jac Nasser but kept him [strike]in a little box...[/strike]
    ...from having too much power...

    So the Ford-amoeba instead of cutting off pseudopods, would split in 2!

    well -IF- anything like this happens, at least I can dredge up this thread and :p

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    Mercury C557 2b2's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    N NW of Atlantis (Reno)
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    Re: WoW: new WorldOnWheels Corp.

    another interesting-imho speculation-suggestion from CSS tho it takes this out of the Mercury-Lincoln Section pervue -
    (edit: unless Merc became the NA Co-ordinator for the new grouping/division/corp./quest/thing...*)

    Quote Originally Posted by Superfresa
    "I'd be happy for Mazda to buy JLR - Would still be Ford related so more sharing can continue (Specifically, Twin-force engines and co-engineering with Volvo are favourable) and Mazda needs a premium brand.

    Wouldn't mind a CX7 shared with a Freelander, done properly, and Mazda can keep focusing on the zoom zoom SUVs and LR on the tough ones.

    With Jaguar, sharing is going to be tricky. Perhaps its time for Mazda to go RWD and become perfect "

    * "Fellowship of the Wheel" reference

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    Ash Ford durbatulúk, ash Ford gimbatul, ash Ford thrakatulûk agh luune-burzum-ishi krimpatul; mi Dearbornien man merka-rokko nornoro"
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