JMC's Qu Sheng SUV Caught Testing

JMC’s soon to be launched Qu Sheng SUV has been spotted out undergoing hot weather testing in Turpan, one of China’s hottest places.

According to sources the Qu Sheng is undergoing tempratures of around 47 degrees centigrade on a daily basis to get a better idea of how the car performs in dry dusty conditions and how its air conditioning can handle the load under heavy strain.

Ford have also recently announced that they are planning to put the Ford Maverick into production in partnership with JMC, which could push JMC forward to become a major producer of SUV’s and MPV’s in the Chinese market.

As well as the Qu Sheng SUV, JMC are also planning a new range of vehicles based off the Qu Sheng platform, including a mid sized pick up truck.

I wonder if this is also on T6?