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Press Room All the latest news and happenings revolving around the Ford Motor Company, our site and the competition.

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**Members** Please post news articles here that you feel should be in our Press Room.
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FIN Headline News

The latest news for our front page!
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FIN Auto Show Coverage

Coverage of all of the major auto shows---of all brands and OEMs.
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Automotive Industry News

News from around the entire automotive industry.
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Ford Corporate News

The latest on Ford the company, including sales results, financials and more.
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Ford Brand News - Global

All of the news regarding products wearing the Blue Oval globally!
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Lincoln Brand News

All the news from Ford's luxury marquee.
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Global JMC & Troller News

News from Ford's global subsidiaries.
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Competition News

Keep up with Ford's competition here.
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Discussion Area Come to this section to discuss anything Ford or otherwise!
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Ford Motor Company Discussion

Got a topic that doesn't fit into one of the below forums? Try here.
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Ford Car Discussion

Own a Ford car? Discuss here.
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Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion

Explorer, Edge, Escape, about them all here!
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Ford Truck Discussion

Discuss Ford's toughest here.
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Mustang Discussion

Yes, we have a special section for Ford's pony car.
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Lincoln Discussion

Lincoln is on the path to resurgence, discuss here.
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Mercury Discussion

Discuss Mercury and its legacy here.
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Mazda Discussion

Ford may not be the sole owner of Mazda, but they still have enough to merit discussion.
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Showroom Show us your ride, photoshop, etc.

Member Reviews, Personal Rides & Design Showcases

Member Auto Reviews, Personal Rides and Design Showcases This area is for members who want to post reviews about vehicles they've driven, post pictures of the vehicles they own (or have owned) and for showcasing automotive design talent (ie. graphic design).
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Ford Inside News Design Talent Center

Have an automotive design you'd like to showcase? This is the area to do it...
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Competition Discussion Forums dedicated to discussion Ford's competition.

General Motors Discussion

Head here for discussion regarding GM the company, their products and anything else related to Ford's Detroit rival!
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Chrysler Group Discussion

Check this forum for discussion regarding Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and their crazy Fiat marriage.
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"Other" American Automakers Discussion

Here you can find discussion on Tesla Motors, KARMA/Fisker, Mosler Automotive, etc. All of the new start-up's forming in North America.
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Asian Competition

Discuss the likes of Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, etc here.
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European Competition

Discuss Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, etc. here.
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Component Technology All the bits that make it run

Wheels & Tires

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Vendors Supporting Vendor presentation and discussion area

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Vendor Deals

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Discount Tire

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