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Re: Is Lincoln is Ready to Toss the Alphabet Soup?

It's a tricky proposition because they've already established MKZ, MKX, and MKC which are well known. They'll have to invent new names to replace those and the transition wouldn't be logical or cheap to advertise, and Lincoln really only has a couple of iconic/appealing names to pick from, many of which have little relation to Lincoln's modern vehicles. Lincoln's heritage is also very old and largely forgotten, resurrecting many of those forgotten names now becomes a history lesson which I don't think younger shoppers can relate to. Continental, Navigator, and Town Car are iconic; Versailles, Zephyr, and Cosmopolitan are not. Lincoln, like Buick, will end up finding nonsense names that mean very little anyway. It's okay to resurrect Continental and keep Navigator, the rest is a wash. Lincoln has to be careful about it's retro tendencies which have not worked for them in recent history. They might be more motivated to do this because of China, but it'll be interesting to see if American consumers respond in the same way.
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