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Re: Lincoln Mark IX to Return

Originally Posted by SP1966 View Post
Not remotely excited. With the excellent S550 platform they couldn't come up with a Mark IX to add some excitement to their showrooms? There is zero reason why they couldn't have come up with an honest 6-Series/E-Class competitor while also bring some excitement to the brand that nothing else outside of the Continental could bring. If they didn't have a capable platform on which to build a new Mark then I would understand, but with the S550 on the road there simply is no excuse IMO.

A legitimate Mark IX and the new Continental followed buy the AlumaGator would have been an exceptional statement!
A platform without AWD is excellent? I can't think of a car that more directly links Lincoln to Ford than a reskin of a Mustang, it would be a monumental mistake. The platform is completely locked to the Mustang and can't be repurposed as anything else, it's not a flexible, or even new, platform. And who exactly is going to buy a reskinned muscle car at Lincoln? I can't think of any product more anomalous for the brand, they might as well bring back the Mark LT to make it abundantly clear they are not serious and are recklessly desperate for cheap thrills and attention. Simply put, the Mustang would make a horrible HORRIBLE Lincoln and nobody would buy it.

Anyway, as I've said, Lincoln very smartly avoided the Mustang for countless reasons and will have a proper coupe when they have the right technology.
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