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Re: 2016 Tesla Model X

Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
And I have very little tolerance for a brand like Tesla, who arrogantly produces expensive, exclusionary products on such a small scale, completely overvalued in the market, and over-marketed as creative visionaries to pseudo-progressives who believe that Detroit brands are archaic and close-minded simpletons, who have no vision. When the truth is our modern societies, worldwide, greatly depend on the very vehicles Detroit (and other brands) produce.

Battery electric cars are easy to produce.
And when there is enough demand for them, I am certain that volume will follow.
And I will snicker when the Tesla 'visionaries' of the world, are put in their place.
While I'm no Tesla fanboy I think they deserver more respect than that. Any bleeding technology tends to be expensive so I don't begrudge Tesla from focusing on the premium market, in fact, I think it was the only possible route to success for a start up in the auto industry. Further, I don't think building electric cars is that hard in comparison to building fuel powered cars, the two big holdups IMO are infrastructure and charging time. Here is where I see Tesla as deserving of praise, they've not only been building out their Supercharger infrastructure, making it far more convenient to recharge electric cars, they've also made the tech available to other manufacturers so if they chose, their electric cars would have the advantage of a relatively large and growing charging base.

My problem with Tesla is that beyond the tech, their cars are just not all that intriguing to me as cars. Even so, I think they're serving an important purpose in helping drive the industry forward!
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