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Re: GM/collaboration 9-speed transmission...At LAST

^....'error"??? I think not! GM was just trying to work a loophole around the new 2017 EPA rules, by double launching 2016 models trying to stay with old EPA rules, when one should have been a 2017 model. Another example is the Malibu. Old Malibu is a 2016 model, along with the New model being a 2016 model. We should hear about that model being added to the list soon.

Unless improvements are made, mpg will drop 2mpg combined. 2017 Fusion 1.5 and 2.0 already took a hit. 2017 Fusion AWD lost 2mpg combined, so I expect the 9-speed transmission necessary to resolve this hit to the Fusion's efficiency status.

I put this article here because it will be the new 9-speed transmission that can possibly regain maybe 1 mpg going from 8-speed to 9-speed. But Fusion should get the biggest gain going from the 6-speed to the 9-speed.

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