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Re: GM/collaboration 9-speed transmission...At LAST

"The botched labels shed light on an unexplained downgrade in the crossovers' mpg ratings from the 2015 to 2016 model year. All are equipped by the same 3.6-liter V6 and six-speed automatic transmission, but the rating mysteriously dropped from 17/24 mpg in 2015 to 15/22 mpg for 2016. The AWD variants followed the same trend, falling from 16/23 mpg to 15/22 mpg."

What seems to be happening is that the EPA 'model year' schedule is not the calendar year or the model year the automaker assigns when launching the vehicle, but the timeframe the vehicle is sold before a new model year is launched based on the automakers launch cycle. GM has a late model year launch schedule, which has them selling a previous model year well into the next model year. Which means the 2016MY Traverse launched late, and scheduled to roll well into what should be MY2017 based on EPA schedules.

Ford on the other hand has early launch dates, which is why the Escape(for sale April 2016), down 2mpg combined 2WD and AWD, is already following the new EPA rules, and needs the new 9-speed.

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