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Re: 2018 Ford Expedition Spotted(Alu?)

Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
I still want a raising/lowering screen (^even bigger than that^)
up = only when using NAV (ie rarely) or other features that REQUIRE a huge screen-area (can't think of ANY!)
down = (and looking Built-In!! the rest(MOST) of the time

:jumping up & down MAD smilie:

edit & get rid of that DININGROOM TABLE-wide center console
I think the new screen has to be at least 10 inches instead of the current 8. Especially in such a large vehicle. What I am thinking is that the screen could also lower to about 1/4 it's full size, with a special row of features that may be wanted, music data, time/temp, etc. But can be fully hidden. However, automatically fully raised when asking for directions, engaging reverse gear or for full functionality.

And yea, that center console has to get smaller, because even now it's crowing the seats.

I hope Lincoln keeps the third row intercom at least on a trim package. Also both second and third row seats need to recline and move forward and back. I also would like the second row captain's chairs to be able to rotate and face the third row. Press a button and third row moves back and second moves forward and spins. Now you have a meeting/conversation space.
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