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Re: New Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST Development

Johnson was less encouraging about a Mondeo ST being engineered to rival the Audi S4/S6 and BMW M3/M5.
“It’s a pretty big car and the rivals are now offering around 500bhp. I think that’s a big ask for the Mondeo,” he said.
At around 1800kg and nearly 4.9 metres long, the Mondeo is closer in size to the BMW 5 Series than the 3 Series.
“Making a fast Mondeo fit our HP2 category would be very difficult,” said Johnson.
What's even more disappointing is that Ford has a Fusion Sport but the Ford Euro chiefs
either can't or won't offer Mondeo with any excitement, 2.7 EB + AWD = all too hard.
It's not 500 HP so let's not even try....

Oh, here's a clue, why not offer Mondeo/Edge Sport as parallel model channel to Vignale?
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