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Re: Mission2020: The RETURN of MERCURY!

Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
Alex On Autos ... on facebook

Subaru's Outback isn't just a "unicorn" because it's the only mainstream mid-sized go anywhere wagon, when you think about it, it's also the only mid-sized mainstream wagon in the USA period. The Golf Alltrack is too small, the Audi and Volvo wagons are too spendy. If you're looking for a quirky alternative to a RAV4 or CR-V, Subie's the only game in town.

Alex mentions a $16,000 difference between the Subbie and the Volvo V60-CrossCountry.
I wondering:
- about an $8k differential, and
- a 2.7T as well as
- a 1.5T- or 2.3T- Hybrid/Plug-In
That Outback outsells the Focus, Transit Connect and Edge.

It's wheelbase at 108.1 is just a bit longer than the next gen Focus/Escape that should be 106.3. With Ford's new interest in soft-roaders, and the buzz that the next gen Focus will have an AWD version(it should since the Escape does already and it shares the same platform), the next gen Focus wagon should be more of a competitor for the Outback globally.

Current Focus Wagon.

Which should look really nice once dressed up like the 20198 Fiesta soft-roader. But just noticed that Ford has not said anything about AWD with this model, when it's available with the 2018 EcoSport. Adding AWD with the Fiesta would be an initial step toward some of that AWD capable wagon market Subaru owns. I know when we go to the mountains to ski, Subarus are everywhere. Because people buy them and leave them at the cabin, to drive around when they get there.

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