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Re: new v8 ... so SOON?

Originally Posted by SP1966 View Post
I still don't get the point of dropping two tenths of a liter in displacement which is about 12 cubic inches. The engine won't be measurably smaller than the 5.0 if at all. Anything this engine can do the 5.0 should be able to do when it comes to truck engines. The fact that Wings confirms this is in addition to the 5.0 and not a replacement leaves me baffled as to why. Is it an all new design or simply a smaller Coyote like the Nano engines. If it is all new why not replace Coyote, if it's not all new how does dropping 12CI benefit anything.

I'm probably completely wrong here but I keep coming back to Nano, two closely related engines leaving one exclusive to Lincoln.
I wonder the same thing, unless they are boosting it or making a bigger version to be sold with it. 5.0 is small enough.
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