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Re: Leading in Electrification

Wonder what happens to the partially built San Luis Potosi plant, and the supplier park development already underway. Plus all the transportation infrastructure that has been done.

Trumps tax breaks and new regulatory rules must be one heck of a sweet deal for Ford to make a decision to walk away from San Luis Potosi.

Also Ford will need to invest quite a chunk of change to add Focus assembly to the Hermosillo plant, being set up for CD size and not C size.

Plus Flat Rock will need a good chunk of change to add this new "small" EV SUV.

Like Fields said in his blurb that it is all about good business for the company, so the incentives from Trump have to be very special to make such a turn.

EDIT: Mexico regrets Ford's decision to cancel plans to build a plant in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi and has made sure that the company will reimburse the state for any costs associated with the investment, the government said on Tuesday.

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