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Re: Ford-CAW: new global product + STAP to close

Originally Posted by falcon lover View Post
The GRWD program is still alive?????? Ford need a RWD car platform to make this cars:

1- Australian sedans
2- Mustang
3- Premium RWD car for Lincoln
4- Sport sedan for Ford North America
5- A real sport and premium RWD sedan for Ford that can compete in Europe with some RWD sedans like BMW and Mercedes Benz. This car could be the same as Australian sedans and could be the same for North America, with especific details in the diferent markets.

This platform need, of course, all the technologies in order to keep the higth mileage : ecoboost I4 and V6, hybrids and electrics powerplants, ligth weigth materials.... And those cars dont need to be big, a medium size cars ( actual Fusion size) are enough.... Maybe with 2 wheelbases ( short for Mustang, Ford sedan for Europe and North America and base trim Australia's sedans; long wheelbase for Lincoln and Australia's top trim sedans).

And , why not, a new 2 door luxury personal coupe for Lincoln ( Mark rebirth ?) and Ford ( new Thunderbird? ).
Its currently on hold.

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