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Alternatively the MKC could move to Chinese production exclusively, I suspect the new Lincoln being built there will be a next-gen MKC but it doesn't really line up with the timing. I still think there is something odd about the MKC schedule considering how recently it was developed relative to the Escape...there is a 2 year gap between them which is huge from an investment standpoint. And the MCE is for MY 2019, Ford never puts money into something and shortens the lifecycle, never. I'm really curious to see how this is resolved.

The C-Max replacement would also make for a good platform for a Lincoln MKA, I think this is one of the 2 vehicles we have yet to see for Lincoln. Ford/Lincoln is one of the few companies without a luxury crossover in this space and it's probably the best way to gain entry-level customers and grow their sales. They still need to resolve their tiny MKC before that product makes sense however.

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