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Re: Ford Will Ease Into EVs

Originally Posted by falcon lover View Post
Catchig up the industry leaders? That´s what you call to produce the first electrified full size pick up truck, the first electrified full size SUV, the first electrified full size luxury SUV, the first electrified pony car? I think rigth now Ford is behind every one in the industry in the electric/hybrid/plug-in-hybrid vehicles field, but by 2020 will be ahead every body.

Is easier to produce a luxury electric sedan (Tesla) with sales around 90000 per year, or a new compact hatchback (VW) , than to produce an electrified version of the best seller vehicle in USA, a pick up truck used for hard work and with sales of more than 800000 units per year. If Ford can do it, will be the leader of the industry in the electric area.
Not exactly first.

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