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Re: Introducing Team Edison

Originally Posted by wingsnut View Post
Certainly if there is a merger, a new name makes sense. Is that not what they are doing in China? A JV with a Chineese auto company? China is leading the way in EV, already with 40% of the global market of EV sales.

And the reason I think it would make sense even without a JV, is because an EV is so vastly different than today's product, which would work to their advantage in terms of Millennial's and their perception of the brand, as well as Wall Street.
Because it's required there?

I just don't understand why some thing a new brand is necessary. So in a few years if electric becomes the standard powertrain for everything, now what? You have to continue to develop a 3rd brand that will now be the same as the regular brands? So you'd have Mercury all over again?

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