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Re: 2019 Ford Mustang GT500

Originally Posted by AM222 View Post
Regarding Ford's electrified future vehicles... I think most people want to see something, like a concept car that previews what they are working on. Basically assurance that the car company is actually working on the future model they've been talking about.
Example VW I.D. Crozz Concept
Ditto. It's 2018 and Ford is still taking about what they are 'planning', with no concept. And it didn't go unnoticed that the initial 'plan' was for a 'small' SUV offering 300+ EV miles, which has not changed to a low volume, speciality Performance SUV by 2020. That's a 3 year window for a limited volume, speciality model which still indicates that Ford is still unsure what they are doing. While at the same time ALL of the models shown at the show were a 'refresh' of models in production for several years. Which makes me wonder what is Ford actually doing??

Navigator and Expedition that are many years past due are in production. There is a NEW Focus coming in 2019 and Explorer and 'Aviator' coming in 2020, but that's a huge gap in new models for Ford and Lincoln.

This show 'should' have offered the EV concept showcasing the platform, motors, along with news about a charging infrastructure and battery manufacturing. But no...
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