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Re: Dominos & Ford: Self Driving Pizza Delivery

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Clearly for autonomous vehicles to work long term, all vehicles will need to share the same self driving tech, software and network. This is a safety issue where the expectations of the consumer will be that they all work exactly the same. Can you imagine the rental car nightmares when rental cars from each manufacturer has a different autonomous software package and behaves differently, even differently from the consumers own vehicle. How scary and frustrating that will be.
I don't at all see all vehicles using the same software as necessary or even likely. I do expect that as the technology matures there will be laws regarding how they operate, possibly including a requirement that they cooperate wirelessly, but manufacturers are going to have their own implementations. I see it playing out much like it does in the tech world where standards are established, and individual companies develop their own products meet, and sometimes exceed those standards.

Any attempt to force a single implementation would have to happen now, and be financed by governments. Once the tech matures and all these companies have invested in their own tech you're simply not going to be able to pick one, force all other companies to use that while thumbing your nose at their development expenses.
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