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Re: Fomoco China 2018...

I guess we need to see the rest of the market numbers since all of Ford's partners are down significantly. But a market slide of 30% seems unlikely in the rest of China.

Ford has long struggled in China, especially compared to GM and VW. Part of it just might be that Ford wasn't that interested in the market because it's harder to turn a profit. Ford of China certainly has a bigger hill to climb than it did before. Ford is just a much slower moving global company very poorly positioned to develop for China, it doesn't iterate quickly or frequently which is why they've been especially vulnerable there. It's going to need to shift much more development to the region and spend much more time researching the market.

GM and VW really took off in China because they saw it as the Future worth investing, but Ford is usually only interested in today and would rather wait to find out what tomorrow looks like before betting on it. GM and VW obviously made the right bet, but hopefully it's not too late for Ford.

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