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Still alive; need ideas

Been a while, eh? Yes, I am still alive, but the biggest news is I am no longer in IL!

A friend & I moved to southern OR 01/04/2018, but 2.5 months into the move, we are still looking for a place to call home (apartment, motor home, trailer, house). So, if you have any connections in the Grants Pass-Central Point-Medford-Ashland areas who may be able to assist us, we would greatly appreciate it. Neither of us want to give up, despite increasing pressures, stress & expenses.

Meantime, since I last visited, I posted pics from the 2017 Cruise Nights I hosted at Beef Villa in S Elgin IL:

&, I have published a few sporadic posts the last few months on the home page; planning a new entry sometime soon with pictures I have taken here in Oregon:

What is new with you!?

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