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Re: Still alive; need ideas

Originally Posted by 2b2 View Post
^ I've been stalking[strike]... lurking[strike]... checking-out your elsewhere places occasionally
LOL!!!! I'm going to say that's a good thing..............

Gorgeous area here in southern Oregon (like MANY other places across the United States) & pics do not do it justice. But, I hope to have a new post soon on with many photos I have taken so far.

While I apologize for not including more detail about what all we HAVE looked into so far, I purposefully kept it vague because I did not want to limit brainstorming (tho, we are already thinking outside-the-box). So, yes, we have checked Craiglist, local ads, local newspapers, area businesses, etc., & reached out to Mennonite Your Way (no response yet) & other similar organizations.

At this point, we are hoping networking will help. I have always said (given experiences during my 2002-2011 road trips) we are more connected than we know. My favorite small-world story of that type is when I met a guy I had known for a few years in Oklahoma City OK in 2006 & (long story short) found out he had been taught by my grandfather in a rural OK High School. Every connection helps.

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